Only the Freshest, Choicest Produce

Here at The Markets, we source our fruits and vegetables first from our local farmers and growers. Northwest Washington is home to a bountiful selection of fruits and vegetables, including artisan and heirloom varieties, and we're pleased to offer the best for your healthy eating pleasure. Visit our expansive produce department and be dazzled by the bold, vivid colors and flavors of the freshest produce you'll find. Many of our choices are grown exclusively for us by neighbor farmers, delivered just minutes after being harvested in the fields. When we say Really Local, that's what we mean. Whether you choose traditional or organic produce, we have what you want.

If you're committed to organic produce, or would like to try some organically-grown items, know that we have the largest organic selection in the area. Unlike other supermarkets, we ensure the integrity of our organic products by following strict handling standards. From the local farm to your dinner plate, it's 100% organic. 

The greenest, thickest, curliest bunches of kale…the vivid reds and soft purples of summer berries…the earthy browns and white-golds of hearty potatoes…our produce simply looks as good as it tastes. Our customers love the freshness and absolute quality that comes from offering the best local fruits and vegetables.. Healthy eating, local foods and value every day all come together at The Markets' produce department.