Excellent Value and Exceptional Quality

When it comes to our own private label brands, we've got you covered with more value-added choices for all the products you regularly buy for your family. Private label brands are tops for their consistency, high quality, and best of all, competitive pricing. We put the value in by selecting ingredients equal or better than the national brands. You can count on our own brands to deliver the lowest prices with the best value for your family food budget.



These include all the grocery basics, from canned goods to baking supplies, dairy products, deli offerings, bakery goods, pastas, condiments and cereals, to list just a few. If you're used to only national "name" brands, try subbing out a Flavorite and compare: we think you'll be pleased!



All your paper products, plastics, cleaning supplies, general items like batteries and light bulbs, are found under this banner.


Baby Basics

Baby deserves the best, and Baby Basics has them: diapers, wipes and other essentials to safely care for the little ones.


Wild Harvest Organics

You don't have to sacrifice your commitment to eating organically, because our own organic brand, Wild Harvest, is available in over 100 grocery items right on our shelves. It's food, naturally delicious. Click here to visit the Wild Harvest Organics Web site.



This is our full line of pet products for your favorite canine or feline. It offers several choices in optimum combos of protein, vitamins and minerals. The high quality of these items will keep your pets healthy and happy.



Compare and save: carbonated soft drinks, including colas, mixers, flavored and spring bottled waters under our SuperChill brand can't be beat, and neither can the terrific prices.


Culinary Circle

Savor the indulgence of our premium offerings, from pizzas, marinades, crackers, cookies and more: affordable luxury makes it easy to treat yourself. Chef-inspired cuisine makes dining in dining good! For recipes, special offers and more - Click here.



Look for our own brand vitamins and other healthcare products, with the top quality you depend on for your family's needs.


Java Delight

Coffee drinkers look for 100% Arabica coffee, with the aroma and flavor that makes this coffee, in beans or ground, drinkable throughout the day. Enjoy your coffee the affordable way.



Hispanic flavors are more popular than ever, and you can treat your family to our tasty entrees, salsas and sauces with authentic Mexican ingredients. Add some variety to your meals with the Mexican dishes the whole family craves.


Shoppers Value

This is an excellent choice for basic items when you need to really stretch that grocery budget. Find the grocery products you use daily, priced lower than anywhere else.


These are some of our own brands. Watch for new and expanding selections in all our stores, and remember: if you're shopping with a close eye on the best value for your dollar, you can't go wrong with our own brands!

SuperValu: Our Wholesale Supplier

Our wholesale source is SuperValu, the nation's leading grocery supplier, with over 5,000 outlets across the country.  Headquartered inMinnesota, SuperValu, a publicly-traded company, is an innovative partner that uses its vast purchasing power to bring its customers --- our stores, and ultimately you, our customers! --- the best products at the best prices.  Visit SuperValu at supervalu.com.