To a Great Future

At The Markets, one of our fundamental values is the preservation of wholesome living in a healthy community. We want future generations to enjoy the same fresh foods and great prices that we offer you today. To ensure that this value is lived out, we are working hard to follow sustainable business practices. By minimizing our impact and continuing to be responsible citizens, we are strengthening the communities we live in and serve. Our company's foundation is built on the belief that to achieve success is to achieve a complementary balance between social, environmental and economic performance.


Bag for Life

Many of the reusable shopping bags on the market are as flimsy as the plastic bags they're intended to replace, and what's worse - very few are recyclable, meaning they will all end up in a landfill after wearing out. In addition to offering sturdy canvas tote shopping bags, we also offer a thicker plastic bag that can be reused over and over for a surprisingly long time.


We Support Our Local Producers

Local food has a level of freshness, flavor and character that's hard to match. Not to mention, buying locally produced food keeps jobs close to home and minimizes the transportation involved with putting food on the table. We offer and promote a large variety of locally produced items in our stores. FromWhatcomCounty's famed raspberries to Lummi Island Reefnet Sockeye, there's something local for everyone - and it's right here in thePacific Northwest.


S.O.R.T. it! Separate Organics & Recyclables from Trash

Most of the waste we produce in our homes and businesses generally can  be divided into three streams: Organic waste that can be composted, recyclable waste that can be used to make something else and trash that cannot be reduced, reused or recycled. Our three-stream waste sorting system, S.O.R.T. it! (which stands for "Separate Organics and Recyclables from Trash") follows this concept, and makes it simple and easy to maximize the reuse of waste and minimize what we to send to landfill.


Helpful Harvest

Food insecurity is present across our country, making life tough for families who can't afford their basic needs. We started Helpful Harvest to combat hunger by supporting local food banks through easy and effective food donation. Just pick up a $10 Helpful Harvest bag help us put an end to hunger.


Helping Paws

We also offer $10 animal care packages that go to help improve living conditions for cats and dogs at local humane societies. Thinking about getting a cat or a dog? Get it from your local humane society. Most humane societies can help you find a great new pet for a minimal price. Save a life today and adopt an animal.