Made with Love (from scratch)

We make our food from scratch in our own kitchens by our own chefs.

We do not use third party manufacturers in our Great Food Case... we make it all from scratch.

We use better ingredients:

  • Premium meats, really local ingredients, fresh herbs, garden fresh produce, extra virgin olive oil, 100%  milk  cheeses, regional ingredients, real butter, hand ground spices from our very own spice company, Silk Road Trading Company

Wide selection of vegan, vegetarian & wheat free ingredients

Cheese Shops with a wide variety of cheese, charcuterie, crackers and specialty items

  • Unique first to market selections
  • Over 300 types of cheeses
  • Several ACS winners
  • Hand cupped cheeses
  • Really Local selections available

Salad Bar

Garden fresh produce, hand cut in our kitchens

Wide selection

Made from scratch protein and pasta salads

Unique salad dressing flavors made from high quality ingredients: mango curry, pomegranate, raspberry walnut

Vegan and vegetarian selections available