Tips for Shopping on a budget

Plan on Saving

Add up all of your monthly/annual expenses, from car and mortgage payments to what you spend on food and personal items. If necessary, plan out any adjustments to your budget and cut out any unnecessary expenditures. Additionally, make a shopping list of your necessities before you leave home. That way you'll get what you really need, and save time in the process.

The Cost of Easy

Most of the time, it costs more to have convenience added to your purchase. For example, you can save a lot by purchasing chicken that is bone-in and skin-on or buying dried beans instead of canned. In almost every case, it will cost you less to trade the ready-made items for making things from scratch at home, and you'll sharpen your skills in the kitchen.

Save on Bulk Quantity

Purchasing items in bulk is especially economical when if you can freeze or store the item for a long duration. Most prepackaged goods are less expensive per serving when you buy the big bag. Take a minute to think about what you buy regularly and see if there's a bulk option that you could buy instead.

Adjust your Caloric intake

One option that has proven successful in slimming down food expenses is to simply eat less. Preparing sensible meal portions and avoiding food waste is a great way to get the most out of your food dollars, and stay healthy and lean. But don't starve yourself, just eat what your body needs instead what your stomach can fit.

Make Big Hearty Batches

If you have a slow-cooker, you're well on your way to spending less money on food. Find your favorite recipe for a hearty stew with your favorite meat, beans, rice, vegetables and a few great spices - then make a giant batch and let it cook all day. Set aside what you plan to eat in the coming week and freeze the rest in tupperware or plastic bags.

Hunt for Sales and Coupons

Check out our weekly ads. Watch for the items you need to go on sale and then make your move. We consistently feature sales on the items you need. Also, keep your eyes peeled for coupons from us and from the manufacturers of our products (Hint: it's not against the rules to double up on store and manufacturer coupons).

Change with the Seasons

Buy produce that is in season - you'll spend less and probably find that it's grown closer to home.