We enthusiastically support our communities!

Supporting our communities is a key value for The Markets. We provide family-wage jobs, commit to sustainable business practices and support our local producers and providers.

We also offer one of the most generous community support programs, with donations of food gift cards, food bank and animal shelter donation bags, team member volunteerism and gift card fundraising for nonprofit groups.

We support organizations and activities that target youth, families and the celebration of cultural diversity. We also support community events of broad public appeal and participation.

To apply for a donation, please note the following before you fill out the application form:

  • Donations are only made to IRS-approved, tax-exempt nonprofit organizations
  • We do not donate to individuals
  • Donations are made in the form of gift cards to our stores (no cash donations)
  • We do not donate to youth sports teams
  • Your donation request must be submitted in writing
  • Your store manager must sign the request

Please fill out the form and return to the address on the form, allowing three weeks to process your request. We respond in writing to all requests.

Food Bank and Animal Shelter Donation Bags

We offer food for people and food for cats and dogs in prepacked bags, ready to be purchased and donated to local food banks and animal shelters. Customers purchase these bags of essential nonperishables and animal comfort items: we deliver to the shelters and food banks.

Gift Cards: Another Way to Raise Money for Your Organization

Our gift card program (scrip) is easy. Nonprofit organizations can purchase Market gift cards in $1,000 increments (paid in advance) and resold to your members at face value. Your organization keeps 5% of the total gift card money. This is easy fundraising for something you and your members would do anyway: shop for groceries! For more information, please call 360-714-7758