We use better ingredients

We use better ingredients:

  • Better Butter: Real butter, not margerine; not just any butter, but sweet cream butter
  • Better Chocolate: Belgian Chocolate; world class chocolate which is higher in cocoa content and bigger in flavor
  • Real Maple Syrup: 100% pure grade b syrup
  • Real Vanilla: We use pure Madagascar vanilla, 150 times more complex in flavor over the imitation
  • Real Dairy: Farm fresh milk, cream & eggs. 100% whole milk cheeses.
  • Real Spices: We grind our own spices from Silk Road Spices
  • Real Sugar: 100% pure cane sugar
  • Fresh Herbs: We proudly use fresh herbs, nothing dried or frozen

We make our own Artisan breads by hand, from scatch using high quality, BETTER ingredients.

We feature freshly baked cakes and pastries.

We are known for our Whoopie Pies, Stuffed Brownies, Old School Desserts, Zsa Zsa Doughnuts and Cake Truffles.